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dance therapy
Learn choreography

Increase endurance & coordination
Improve flexibility & memory your body and enjoy doing it!


No experience required.  Choreography is simple & creative and the culture is inviting and supportiveWarm up & stretch...Increase endurance & coordination...Improve musicality, flexibility, & memory.  Learn more on our "about" page.

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I have heard about this Dance Therapy class for a while, but I did not take it until October. Boy, have I been missing out! Pam taught a hip-hop routine that was fun, challenging, and a wonderful workout. It had a nice combination of hard and not-so-hard choreography that left me wanting more. I left the class feeling energized and full of endorphins. It did not matter that I was a super klutz, what's important is that I danced for literally hours, moved all parts of my body, had a blast--and felt skinnier and stronger the next day. Thanks, Pam! I will see you soon!


This class is wonderful!!!  As a guy who joined in, I was totally impressed and had a great time.  Pam is an excellent instructor and great motivator.  Her choreography varies and keeps things fresh, at the same time giving you a great workout no matter what level of dancer you are.  If you like to dance, I highly recommend this class for you...


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  Dance Therapy   1555 Washington Ave., San Leandro, California | 510.352.2800

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