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Dance Therapy (DT) is a dance and exercise class comprised of people with diverse interests, backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages.  We have a respectful, welcoming, and inclusive community.  Unity in Diversity refers to DT's creative and diverse choreography;  wide array of dance styles, including Broadway, hip hop, jazz, Latin, and more; and unique opportunity to dance as a unit with fellow students.  Dance Therapy's Unity in Diversity is precisely why students return series after series!

Note from Choreographer/Instructor:

With over 15 years of professional dance, choreography, & production experience, I stayed in shape without feeling like I was working at it.  Music and movement will keep your mind focused while your body becomes stronger and more flexible.  As your confidence builds during a series, an emotional connection with the music and other students begins to develop.  DT offers a diverse range of dance & music with choreography that is simple, fun, & entertaining.  Students relate to one another through movement while they tone muscles, increase strength and flexibility, and improve memory & musicality.

Take a Dance Therapy class and feel the music!

Dance On!  Pam

Dance Therapy   1555 Washington Ave., San Leandro, California | 510.352.2800

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