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If dancing brings you joy, then you're just like us!  You don't have to be experienced to know that you love dancing... Many students have never taken a dance class.  Even the instructor is not formally trained.  We simply love dancing!  The variety of dance styles, fun + entertaining choreography, and inclusive culture keep students returning for more!


Dance Therapy is not just about steps and counts.  Students have a passion for dance and appreciate that the musicality of choreography can inspire movement.  Students say they develop an emotional connection to their dancing and even begin to "feel the music." 


Any student who has taken a Dance Therapy class or completed a series has demonstrated GRIT--empowerment through passion and perseveranceStudents appreciate the unique challenges of Dance Therapy and sense of accomplishment from taking class.   Whether you master a step or perform on stage, we celebrate your effort and determination!  



Special thanks to our DT students whose feedback and positive support provided the content above.

Dance changes your lid

Dance Therapy