dance therapy

Dance Therapy is a dance and exercise class comprised of people with diverse interests, backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages.  Dance Therapy classes offer creative and diverse choreography;  a wide array of dance styles,including Broadway, hip hop, jazz, Latin, and more; and a unique opportunity to perform.  Students strengthen and tone muscle, increase coordination and flexibility, and improve memory and musicality.

With over 15 years of professional dance, choreography, & production experience, Dance Therapy's Artisitic Director and Choreographer, Pam, stayed in shape without feeling like she was working at it. She designed and created Dance Therapy as she could not find a class that offered diversity of dance styles, entertaining choreography, a sense of accomplishment, and connection to music that Dance Therapy offers. 

While your mind focuses on learning choreography, your body becomes stronger and more flexible.  It's never too late to dance!!  Learn Dance Therapy's simple choreography that is fun & entertaining.  Take a look at performances  and join Dance Therapy class to "feel the music!"

Dance Therapy   1555 Washington Ave., San Leandro, California | 510.352.2800

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