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Dance Therapy performs!

Dance Therapy (DT) students will perform 9/22 (approx. 7-745pm).  

Bring your family and friends to this local fundraising Fall Festival which has entertainment, game booths, food booths, mini golf, and even "beverages for adults" ;)  !  Watch DT students perform 2 numbers (within the DC Dance Center line-up).

The Assumption School

1851 136th Ave, San Leandro, CA 94578

Look for the stage located in the parking lot. 

Dance Therapy Instruction 

Adult classes are on a drop-in basis.  See class schedule below.  No experience required.  We warm up, learn choreography, and cool down with a stretch.  Styles of dance are diverse but consistent for a series.  Students are encouraged to honor their bodies and move "their way."  Occasionally, we perform (optional) which gives students a unique opportunity and goal to reach with fellow students.

When to Start Dance Therapy?

We learn choreography by building week to week (unless you take DT at a on).  Eventually, we are dancing a complete number!  Join us anytime if you enjoy dancing or just want to move!  If you have no experience, don't worry! Just bring a positive attitude and keep steppin'! 

We start a new number with Jazz and Hip Hop on Sep 23.  We will be mid-series in mid-Oct, so the pace will pick up.  In November, exposure to dance is recommended as the pace will be fast for a beginner. Mid/late November, we recommend that new students wait to try DT when we start the next series tbd. 

If you are taking DT at a gym, we will teach a short piece of choreography in each class.  We may repeat the class or teach a different section of choreography next time.  We strive to make the experience suitable and rewarding for drop-in clientele.

Whether you're beginning a fitness routine or you've reached a plateau, we want to dance with you!   If you are positive, adventurous, and love to dance, give DT a try!

Fellas welcome too! :)

Come Prepared to Class!

Bring water.  Wear comfortable (fitness) shoes and clothes.  Bring your DT class card!  :)

Dance Therapy Class Schedule* 

Saturday Classes     8 - 9am  (DC Dance Center  1555 Washington Ave.  San Leandro)

DT performance 9/22 (approx. 7-745pm).  

DT starts a new series, 9/23, 8am.  Join us for class!  Arrive early to register.

Dance Therapy at Anytime Fitness!--Dance Therapy classes are available at Anytime Fitness (1343 Washington Ave, San Leandro).  Small sections of choreography are taught to accommodate drop-ins.  Choreography may vary from studio class.  Learn more at... Anytime Fitness


$10 first class if provide email address

$15 first class if no email address provided

$20 drop-in

Class cards available 

Class card pricing & referral policy to be sent after first class.

Location (see map at Contact Us)

DC Dance Studio

1555 Washington

San Leandro, CA  94577


*Schedule and prices subject to change without notice.

Dance Therapy   1555 Washington Ave., San Leandro, California | 510.352.2800

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